Winter Skills Classes

 Learn Rappelling, Anchor Cleaning and Self Rescue Skills

@ GOAT Climbing Gym
77 River Street, Hackensack, NJ


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Our guiding and class schedule is posted and classes are filling up quickly!  We have loads of new programs and classes to help you progress in your climbing and feel confident.

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Hi, I'm Anyssa

I help women climbers gain confidence by teaching them how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, get stronger and live an empowered life through climbing.

You're Ready for More

You want to improve your climbing through a deeper connection to yourself.

You are ready to dig deep and face what’s holding you back.

You value investing in yourself and have a growth mindset.

You are ready to commit to making TRUE progress in your climbing and life.


You're Willing to Let Go

You're willing to drop the struggle and regain the joy in climbing.

You're willing to take responsibility for your progress and get out of your past performance.

You're willing to release self-limiting beliefs and excuses.

You're Able for Action

You're coachable and not afraid to take real actions.

You're able to think and act from a place of empowerment.


Injured? Bad Weather? No partner? No problem!

Even if you aren't climbing right now, you can still work on becoming a better climber. Get instant access to this PDF download to learn 7 ways that you can improve your climbing now. (even from your couch!)

Genuine Climbing Core Values...


Be your truest, most genuine self.  Authenticity means not having to hide behind your ego or what you think others may think of you.  It's about embracing vulnerability and staying true to yourself.  It's you, showing up, living in the moment, with conviction and confidence.


I know you have butterflies in your stomach, or maybe you are outright scared.  I also know you are here for a reason.  It's time to step over the line of your comfort zone, because we both know that greatness is on the other side of that fear.  We are here to be brave.  Show the world your courage. 


We are all ultimately on a journey of self improvement and constant learning.  Growth leads to new paths, expanding your knowledge, improving skills, and developing new ones.  I whole heartedly believe that every experience is an opportunity for self-awareness and learning.  

 This is ME.  Let's Stay Connected

Climb better now by avoiding these pitfalls.

“Mindset” work for climbers is often directed towards managing fear, specifically the fear of falling.  Yet this is such a narrow approach for developing a strong and confident climbing mindset.  Like climbing, our mindset “route” is filled with subtleties and nuances of how we think, perceive ourselves, and each other.


Grow your climbing through growing yourself.




"Because of fear, I always had trouble with lead climbing. With Anyssa, I learned better technique, crushed major goals, and kicked fear to the curb. I felt so supported, inspired, and motivated. Anyssa is not only knowledgeable, she is a blast to be around and her energy can motivate you to do things you never thought possible. "

Meghan K

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