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The  Confident Climbers Challenge
(coming May 2023)

Go from doubt, fear and lacking confidence in your climbing to thriving and crushing it at the cliff!

Improve your Climbing Confidence with this fun, interactive, bingo style inspired challenge and win Fabulous prizes.

Receive a bingo card that has fun, inspired actions to help improve your climbing through movement, mindset and other confidence building tasks.

I'll provide short 10-15 minutes lessons, twice a week, to help keep you focused, motivated and progressing in your climbing. 

Boxes completed will earn you points, that will enter you in raffles for prizes such as swag, inspirational books, and climbing gear!

The Confident Climbers Club

Climb with Radical Confidence WITHOUT letting fear or doubt get in the way.

The club is a membership for women who are excited to have the tools, training and community they need to prioritize and make more progress in their climbing!

The Confident Climbers Club is the first and ONLY program of its kind that combines community, live coaching and instructional resources for climbers to help you live your most empowered life.

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How to Find the Perfect Partner 

Finding quality partners that support you and push you to be your best is not always easy.

This mini course will teach you:

  • How and where to find safe partners
  • Skills to make you a more collaborative partner, and
  • How to maintain your physical and emotional boundaries to keep you safe and out climbing now. 
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Private Coaching 

Are you?...

  • Lacking confidence at the cliff, and then beating yourself up over it?
  • Knowing you are capable of climbing better, but don't know how to get out of your head?
  • Frustrated with your progress and feeling stuck?
  • Allowing fear to take over and preventing you from trying harder routes
  • Lacking consistency and focus in your training?

If you are ready to get serious and actually make progress instead of just talking about it, this is for you.


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