Intuitive Eating and Diet Culture in Climbing

  • Are you attached to the belief that you could climb harder if you lost 5 lbs?
  • Do you connect your skill, experience and worth based to the size of your body?
  • Do you associate weight with ability?
  • Do you compare yourself to skinnier climbers, and then shy away from routes due to embarrassment or shame?


Join me in this interview and Q&A with Climber, Registered Dietitian, and overall cool woman, Julianne Mahoney of The Outdoor RN, as we discuss diet culture in climbing, how to grow your self-worth and tips for eating intuitively.

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Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00pm EDT

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Meet Julianne Mahoney

Climber and non-diet Registered Dietitian and owner of The Outdoor RD.

Julianne helps active women build a sustainable positive relationship with food, exercise, and their bodies through personalized one-on-one intuitive eating coaching. Her goal is to help you learn the skills to release yourself from restriction, emotional eating, rigid meal plans, and negative body image through a science-based approach with a strong foundation of self-love. @the_outdoor_rd


I'm Anyssa Lucena

Climber, Coach, AMGA Instructor, Personal Trainer and Owner and Founder of Genuine Climbing.  

I help women climbers gain confidence by teaching them how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and get stronger so they can climb to their greatest potential.

I'm your person when it comes to the world of breaking out of your comfort zone and my biggest passion is to inspire you to pursue your biggest goals and desires.

I've been obsessed with how positive thinking and mental work can completely reframe your life and have been teaching it to others for almost a decade. I work exclusively with womxn to foster a community of strong minded and bodied souls that continually grow and learn through their climbing journey.

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