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The Confident Climbers Club

A women's membership program that teaches you how to build confidence, eliminate fear, get strong and climb to your most empowered self.

This community includes weekly live calls, Q&A sessions, coaching, resources, mindset and climbing strategies, small accountability groups, support, guest speakers and more!

Doors open only twice a year for three days.  Get on the waitlist to get notified of the next enrollment period.


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3 Month Private Coaching

Are you?...

  • Lacking confidence at the cliff, and then beating yourself up over it?
  • Knowing you are capable of climbing better, but don't know how to get out of your head?
  • Frustrated with your progress and feeling stuck?
  • Allowing fear to take over and preventing you from trying harder routes?
  • Unable to trust your body, strength or technique when climbing?
  • Not knowing how to deal with your injuries and still progress?
  • Feeling a sense of envy when you see others climbing?
  • Lacking consistency and focus in your training?

If you are ready to get serious and actually make progress instead of just talking about it, this is for you. 

Get laser focused on your goals and execute specific action steps to accomplish them.  I will hold you accountable and keep you on track while supporting you through your physical challenges and mental mind blocks.

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Outdoor Climbing

Let's touch rock together!  I guide in the Gunks, NY, Adirondacks and other locations in the NY/NJ area through Mountain Skills Climbing Guides, a fully insured, American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) accredited rock climbing guide service.  Check out my group women's programs or climb with me 1:1. 

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Discovery Call

Unsure how to proceed?

I want to know all about you.
Let's talk about your climbing goals,
where you are now and where you want to be!