Create Massive Momentum &

Make 2021 The Best Year Of Your Life!

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The Empowered Women's Guide to Goal Setting

 FREE Interactive Workshop for Climbers

Live Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Tuesday, January 19th
12:00- 2:30pm ET


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This is not your normal boring goal setting...

You want huge success this year and here is the blueprint to achieve it! You'll set a plan for success and growth, and crush any perceived obstacles now, so nothing will get in your way. 

Climb into the best year of your life with massive momentum!

No matter what your goals are ...

  • Learn how to lead or place gear
  • Climb harder routes
  • Find time away from responsibilities to get out more
  • Feel less anxious and more in alignment with your climbing
  • Be consistent with your training and learning
  • Manage Covid restrictions
  • Improve your strength
  • Find more partners
  • Stay injury free
  • Get over your fear of falling
  • Build your confidence

You'll have the plan to get it done! 


Say goodbye to...

  • Watching another season fly by without progressing
  • Letting fear and anxiety get in the way from moving forward
  • Wishing you had mad a commitment to yourself
  • Getting frustrated that you can't do anything because of Covid 
  • Not knowing how to train or get stronger
  • Limiting beliefs that tell you "I can't because..."
  • Feeling unmotivated and uninspired

Here's what you'll get inside this workshop


Meet other kick ass women who are psyched to crush their goals and be her best. At this live virtual event, we will have break out rooms where you can share your individual goals, and give and receive encouragement to be your best.  


You'll get real time feedback during the entire process on your specific goals and actions. Throughout the workshop you have the chance to ask me questions and get personalized coaching.


You get crystal clear on what you need to do to ensure you'll reach your goals.  All your obstacles will be addressed, leaving you with an action plan and a sense of certainty of what you need to do and how to do it.


Insecurities are kicked to the curb as we shine light on our self-limiting beliefs and see that we are truly capable of anything.  No more doubt on what to do and how to progress.  You'll leave with renewed confidence in your abilities.


You'll finally have the time to sit down and make the commitment to yourself and your desires.  No more watching time fly by as your progress stalls, or putting other people's needs before yours.  This time and focus is all about you, and your commitment to make yourself a better woman and climber. 

Your Success is Inevitable!

  • You'll set real goals that ignite your passion
  • You'll put your intentions out there in the Universe
  • You'll totally feel the "you can do anything! vibe
  • You'll know what your next steps are to crush into greatness
  • You'll have thrown out all your limiting beliefs- See ya! 
  • You'll leave feeling so excited and motivated- it will stay with you all day or year!


Setting goals and getting that extra nudge to follow through with them helped me get out of my comfort zone physically and emotionally to break through into the climber I want to become. Sharing my goals with a group of climbers helped make me accountable and hearing their goals was motivation for me to set the bar higher for myself and make sure I reached those goals. I can now independently top rope and have a growing network of climbers to get outside with and crush it on the walls!


This goal setting process not only had me set the goals I wanted to achieve and what steps needed to get there, but also what was holding me back from achieving my goals.  My self-limiting beliefs, I wasn’t strong enough or good enough etc, were my biggest obstacles to achieving my goals and bringing them to light was the best way to work through it.  What makes her process different Is that she focuses on a holistic approach and the whole journey of reaching your goals and not just the end result.  I am amazed at how many goals I achieved this year by using her goal setting process.  Identifying my self-limiting beliefs was the key.


When you see outdoor climbing pictures of people you climb with, while your seasons keep passing by, it really is not a good feeling. I understand that better than anyone else. I used to feel like I wasn't progressing. But defining my goals and having a plan of attack helped me get focused on what to climb and practice in an organized way.  In one season I was able to multi pitch and rappelling, trad anchor skills and I led my first climb!

This is your time. 

This is a FREE workshop via Zoom.  Register to receive your handout and call details.  Replays available if you miss it.

Tuesday, January 19th
12:00 - 2:30pm ET

Hey! I'm Anyssa

I help women climbers gain confidence by teaching them how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and get stronger so they can live and climb to their greatest potential.

I'm your person when it comes to the world of breaking out of your comfort zone. I'm the creator and owner of Genuine Climbing and my biggest passion is to inspire you to pursue your biggest goals and desires.

I'm a climbing coach for women, speaker, AMGA single pitch climbing instructor, personal trainer, and mom of 3. I've been obsessed with how positive thinking and mental work can completely reframe your life and have been teaching it to others for almost a decade.